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The GreenLink interconnect series offers a versatile group of interconnect that use a twin Green cable configuration.  

The GreenLink offered with a variety of terminations and combinations: RCA, DIN and XLR connectors. Custom made solutions and other lengths are available by request.

The DIN plugs at the GreenLink series are carrying the same visco-elastic polymer used in the Yellow and SkyLink series.

The GreenLink 4 & 5 interconnects was specially Customised for use in Naim audio systems between the Amplifier and power supply.

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GreenLink RCA-DIN


GreenLink 4 & 5

“SNAIC” replacement

AR Sound | GreenLink 4&5 page

GreenLink RCA

AR Sound | GreenLink RCA page

GreenLink XLR pair

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Special terminations:

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100 Cm length: €185

GreenLink RCA-DIN

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